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Siam Thai Massage is a story that has been going on for many years, offering to our clients a range of traditional Thai massages and SPA massages. At Siam Thai Massage 789, we believe that positive energy is changing the world. We all have different bodies that undergo different routines in work, training and play. Truly effective massage understands and caters to these differences. This starts with listening to what our clients is feeling before, during and after massage next we applying our experience to choose the massage techniques to create lasting change.


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We offer Salisbury’s finest Thai massage tailored for you. The ancient practice of Thai massage heals the body while creating a deep sense of calm. We have created the place where you can escape from your day and you can reconnect your mind and body. Find tranquility at our beautifully decorated studio. Private rooms are available. My team of Thai therapists are trained in the art of Thai massage and will carefully tailor a massage experience to suit your individual needs. I look forward to meet you at Siam Thai Massage Salisbury.